Do your marketing efforts have more ups and downs than a roller coaster?

- don't worry, we've all been there -

Let’s face facts; marketing is hard.

But it doesn’t have to be.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, disheartened or straight-up stressed out about your marketing efforts don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’ve already made it this far – and you are probably doing a better job than you think – but what if you could do it better? What if it could be easier? And what if you could achieve results faster?

When you’re tired of the twists, turns, and surprises that are setting your marketing efforts back, and when you are ready to get off the tummy-turning thrill ride of marketing solo I’m here for you.

Together we can take back control of your marketing strategy – or create an entirely new plan from the ground up – and start creating real, measurable results. We won’t only achieve your marketing goals, we will expand your impact too.

What if I told you I could help improve your current marketing strategy right now, for FREE?

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Relax, it’s all under control.

I’m here to help.

Hi there, I’m Cynthia. That’s me there at the bottom of that adorable human sandwich. If there are three things I’m certain of it’s that family is a gift, you make your own luck, and the right marketing strategy can have a profound impact on businesses and the people they serve.

Like you I too have had my fair share of rides on the marketer’s rollercoaster.

After spending nearly a decade working in advertising agencies I wanted to use my skills to do some good. These days I’m fortunate enough to work with passionate, forward-thinking businesses and individuals just like you!

Alone my positive social impact would be small, but when my skillset is put to use on projects like yours we can inspire change, create a movement and – ultimately – change the world.

Inspiring action through holistic marketing.

What I can do for you.

With years of experience developing creative & successful marketing campaigns for businesses & nonprofits I’ve learned a thing or two about developing bulletproof marketing strategies. Although my approach is complex you can rest assured that our communications will be plain and simple.

Digital Strategy

You’ve spent countless hours creating a thoughtful solution to a big problem and you’re ready to make a real difference, but figuring out the solution is only part of it. Your digital strategy bridges the gap between opportunity and action, ensuring things get done, fast.

Brand Development

Your brand is so much more than just a logo; it is the key to creating a lasting impression and attracting a loyal community of supporters. We’ll develop your brand’s message, clearly define your core values and ensure everyone knows the things that make you you.

Social Media & Content Marketing

The impact of social media and search engines on our lives is enormous. Information and opinions are more free, open and accessible than ever before. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could use these incredible platforms to promote your cause? I can show you how.
Each of these approaches will do wonders for any business or nonprofit, but when they are strategically combined with just the right message behind them they can be transformative.

Great work starts with great clients.

A few kind words.

Cynthia is very adept at the challenges facing small business owners who need to do it all. She was willing and able to create a very useful crucial marketing tool that my small business, Fillaree, needs to get to the next level. She also has great advice and ideas for marketing & increasing the reach of my small business. Her insight and experience shows through her professional and experienced demeanor. I highly recommend her as she is a pleasure to work with.

Alyssa Cherry
Owner & Founder of Fillaree

Working in a dynamic, start-up environment, Cynthia is highly efficient and effective bringing creativity at each step of the way. Her resourcefulness and ability to stay true to branding, brand strategy, and brand fundamentals, while delivering on tight project briefs and deadlines was often seen. Her energy was always present and she contributed as a strong member of our team which was spread across the USA.

Helen Vasilevski
Global Growth Hacker & Cross-Cultural Leader

Cynthia is a successful risk-taker. She uses unique ways to determine what the target market needs and has the capability of tweaking her marketing modules accordingly. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, she can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. Cynthia is known as diligent and personable – two qualities that define her completely.

Anabella Illarramendi
Former Art Director at BBH

Without a doubt, Cynthia is someone who personifies “getting it done.” Her passion and commitment fill a room, and her focused energy is palpable. In a few short weeks, I have learned more from her about social media marketing than my months of self-study had provided. She has provided incredibly valuable guidance while making herself available for questions. I am looking forward to where the future takes us together!

Jenny McGlone
Communications Advisor at Teachers2Teachers-International

Businesses, nonprofits and motivated individuals.

Some brands I’ve worked with.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Ready to get started?

So, you’ve heard all about me and the services I can provide, now it’s time to consider how we could work together to spread your message further, build your following faster and amplify your world-changing impact.

It’s been a crazy ride but now it’s time to get off the roller coaster and take back control.

If you can see the benefits of having an experienced, no-nonsense marketing strategist on your side then get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Cynthia K. Fioretti

Marketing Strategist

Cynthia K. Fioretti

Marketing Strategist

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